Terminology and Acronyms

Benefits Counselors sometimes have to use complicated terms and often use acronyms to abbreviate names of organizations, benefits, and job titles.  Below are some of the most commonly used terms and acronyms located all in one area to help you understand what you need to know!

Social Security Benefits

TII                         Title II (Social Security Disability Insurance)

SSDI                      Social Security Disability Insurance

CDB                      Childhood Disability Beneficiaries (also known as DAC)

DAC                      Disabled Adult Child (also known as CDB)

DWB                     Disabled Widow(er) Benefit

RIB                        Retirement Insurance Benefit

TWP                      Trial Work Period

EPE                       Extended Period of Eligibility

SGA                       Substantial Gainful Activity

EXR                       Expedited Reinstatement

UWA                     Unsuccessful Work Attempt

IRWE                    Impairment Related Work Expenses

PASS                     Plan to Achieve Self Support


Title XVI               Title XVI (Supplemental Security Income)

SSI                         Supplemental Security Income

FBR                       Federal Benefit Rate

SSI-E                     SSI Exceptional Expense Supplement

CTS or CSUP       Caretaker Supplement

RMA                     Retrospective Monthly Accounting

SEIE                      Student Earned Income Exclusion

BWE                     Blind Work Expenses

IRWE                    Impairment Related Work Expenses

PASS                     Plan to Achieve Self Support

PESS                      Property Essential to Self Support

BEP                       Break Even Point

Health Insurance Benefits

MC                        Medicare

Part A                   Medicare Hospital Insurance

Part B                   Medicare Doctor and Out-Patient Insurance

Part C                   Medicare Advantage Plan

Part D                   Medicare Prescription Drug Insurance

Medigap              Medicare Supplemental Insurance

QMB                     Qualified Medicare Beneficiary

SLMB                    Specified Low Income Beneficiary

SLMB+                 Specified Low Income Beneficiary +


MA                        Medicaid or Medical Assistance

T19 or TXIX         Title 19 or Medicaid or Medical Assistance

LTC                       Long Term Care

FC                          Family Care

CC                         Community Care

IRIS                       I Respect, I Self-Direct

MAPP                   Medicaid Purchase Plan

HIPP                      Health Insurance Premium Payment

MAGI                    Modified Adjusted Gross Income

EBD                       Elderly, Blind, and Disabled

BC+                       BadgerCare+

IRWE                    Impairment Related Work Expenses

MRE                      Medical Remedial Expenses


ACA                       Affordable Care Act

COBRA                 Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act


Other Benefits

SNAP                    Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

FS                          FoodShare

WHEAP                Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program

TANF                    Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

EITC                      Earned Income Tax Credit

CTC                       Child Tax Credit

PSH                       Public Subsidized Housing

EID                        Earned Income Disallowance


Other Terms

FICA                      Federal Insurance Contributions Act

COLA                    Cost of Living Adjustment

FPL                        Federal Poverty Level

EFT                        Electronic Fund Payment

SSN                       Social Security Number

CDR                      Continuing Disability Review


Organizations and Departments

SSA                        Social Security Administration

TTW                      Ticket to Work

EN                         Employment Network

DVR                      Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

DWD                     Division of Workforce Development

DHS                       Department of Workforce Development

DDB                      Disability Determination Bureau

HUD                      Department of Housing and Urban Development

WHEDA                Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority


Benefits Counseling Terms

WIPA                    Work Incentives Planning and Assistance

CWIC                    Community Work Incentive Coordinator

DBS                       Disability Benefits Specialist

EBS                       Elderly Benefits Specialist

WIBS                    Work Incentives Benefit Specialist


BSA                       Benefits Summary and Analysis

BA                         Benefits Analysis

WIP                       Work Incentives Plan

BCP                       Benefits Consultation Period


WIL                       Work Incentives Liaison

AWIC                    Area Work Incentives Coordinator

BPQY                    Benefits Planning Query


WIBSA                  Work Incentives Benefit Specialist Association

Terminology and Acronyms
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