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In many ways, financial education is an integral part of being a benefits specialist, whether we have integrated financial coaching directly with our services or we are just providing additional resources to our consumers. Occasionally we would like to highlight some financial resources that may be useful to our consumers. This blogpost we are focusing on educational resources.

Looking Forward Wisconsin is a website that has many resources for students, parents, and teachers. They provide checklists, career exploration, cost estimators, loan repayment tools, and scholarship listings. It is a great one stop shop for people to check college readiness, career exploration, and financial planning.

Grad Ready provides a tool that calculates how much school will cost versus the expected salary of the career field a student wishes to enter after graduation. There are also money management and other financial resources available. You will need to create an account to access these resources.

People may recognize Great Lakes from their student loans, but not only do they manage student loans, but they also provide resources for college students. The Great Lakes Emergency Grant is to help low-income students pay for unexpected expenses like car repairs, medical bills, or other emergencies. The purpose of these loans is to pay for expenses that might otherwise cause low-income students to stop attending school. The Great Lakes Career Ready Internship is for students who are thinking about or have accepted unpaid internships. Great Lakes offers grants for these students to encourage them to finish school when they may not otherwise be able to afford it while they are working an unpaid internship. Unfortunately, not all colleges in Wisconsin will sponsor these two loans, but they are good resources for those who have access to them.

Many of our consumers have goals of returning to school. Some of our consumers may have children who are thinking of attending college after they graduate high school. These resources can be useful for both traditional and non-traditional students alike to help them succeed in their educational goals. Please share them with your consumers!

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