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WIBSA Membership

Full membership is for Work Incentives Benefit Specialists who agree to uphold the code of conduct, quality assurance activities, and bylaws of the association. These individuals are currently employed as Work Incentives Benefit Specialists or hold positions related to work incentives counseling.

Supporting membership is available to individuals who are connected to the WIBSA community and are invested in the profession, but are not current practitioners of work incentives benefits counseling. 

Full Membership Includes:

  • Membership Directory Listing:  Be a part of the membership list distributed widely among purchasers of work incentives benefits counseling services.
  • Networking: Belong to a network of support with opportunities to meet other work incentive benefits professionals to share ideas, resources and insights.
  • Professional Development: Gain practical and applicable knowledge at association meetings and access to continuing education and other training opportunities.
  • Leadership and Career Advancement Opportunities:  Ability to run for an Officer position (Executive Board) and take a leadership role in shaping the profession.
  • Membership Rights:  Retention of voting rights within the Association and nominating rights for Officer positions (Executive Board).


Dues are $50.00 on an annual basis. Send email to: contact@wibsa.org to become a member. 


Supporting Membership Includes:

  • Networking: Stay involved with the WIBSA community by accessing information and resources. Regular updates are made available to supporting members via email and the Employment Network/WIBSA Updates site.
  • Meetings: Supporting members are welcome to join the WIBSA annual meeting as well as other meetings and trainings held throughout the year.


Dues are $10 on an annual basis. This money will be used to support ongoing training and marketing efforts on behalf of WIBSA. Send email to: contact@wibsa.org to become a member. 

Membership Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct sets out the basic standard of conduct expected of Wisconsin Work Incentives Benefits Specialists (WIBS). It is intended to be used by individual practitioners, agencies, and organizations that opt to use it as a frame of reference for quality assurance. A code of conduct cannot guarantee ethical behavior, however, it sets forth principles to which practitioners strive, and their actions can be compared. 


Principles: Accountability of the profession is expressed through a set of core principles. These principles represent a field that is evolving, yet is firmly based in providing quality information in a consistent, ethical context. These principles represent the foundation upon which the field was developed and applies to current practice.  All WIBSA members have a responsibility to abide by the following principles agreed upon by the association.


  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Competence
  • Fairness
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism

Professional Development & Peer Review

The goals of WIBSA are to promote ongoing training and education, as well as professional standards. This is to promote consistent quality of services is provided by benefits specialists in the state. Full members of WIBSA must complete the Professional Development and Peer Review requirements annually. 


  • Full members are required to complete 12 hours of training hours. 
  • Full members are to submit one report to be reviewed by the Peer Review Committee.


Peer Review Process 2017-2018
2017 2018 Peer Review Process.pdf
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2017-2018 Training Log
Keep track of your training hours for the year and turn in by June 1, 2018.
Training Log BLANK 2017 18.docx
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How to Sign Up:

For 2017-2018, the annual dues are as follows: $50 for a full member and $10 for a supporting member. The annual membership enrollment for the new fiscal year is in June. 


If you have questions about registering for WIBSA between July and May, we ask that you please contact us directly for more information at contact@wibsa.org. You can view our membership registration form below.



WIBSA Membership Form.pdf
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WIBSA Membership Handbook 2017-18.pdf
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