About Our Association

The mission of the Wisconsin Work Incentives Benefit Specialist Association (WIBSA) is to support and promote high quality work incentives benefits counseling services for all people with disabilities through:

  • Promoting and upholding statewide standards

  • Encouraging training and professional development

  • Advocating for systems change at the state and federal levels


WIBSA was fully implemented in July of 2010. All members are Work Incentives Benefit specialists from Wisconsin. The members are currently and continuously involved in peer reviewing processes and training activities. The goal of all involved is to provide both a network of support for those in the field as well as ensure quality products are being produced.​

What is WIBSA?

If you have a disability, you should contact a WIBS when:

  • You are considering work for the first time or re-entering the workforce.

  • Your earnings change or increase.

  • You are developing a career plan or actively job seeking.

  • You have questions, concerns, or problems with current benefits.


How to access services:


For more information about contacting a WIBS:

  • Contact Your Local WIPA Provider

  • Talk to Your DVR counselor

  • Speak with your Long Term Care case manager

  • Contact Your Local Independent Living Center

  • Ask Your School Transition Coordinator

Accessing Services

The following contacts represent the current membership leadership team. Please feel free to contact any of the officers for more information about the association or general information about work incentives benefit specialists.

WIBSA Board of Directors