Work Incentives Benefit Specialist Association (WIBSA)


As of January 1, 2020 WIBSA will no longer have a full or active Board.  Therefore, no new business will be conducted.

As of July 1, 2020, WIBSA will be dissolving.

At this time, WIBSA is no longer accepting new members.



WIBSA is a non-profit organization that seeks to ensure that people with disabilities are receiving high quality benefits counseling services throughout the state of Wisconsin.

We hope you find some useful information on this website that will help you learn what is benefits counseling, why it is important, when it should be used, how to access services, and who are local WIBSA members in good standing that can serve you.

What is a WIBS?

Work Incentives Benefit Specialists (WIBS) assist people with disabilities by helping them make informed choices about the impact of work on their benefits. WIBS can provide an analysis of a person's benefits and how work will change their payments, medical coverage, and continued eligibility.


Hear about Barbara Jo's experience with benefits counseling:


The mission of the Wisconsin Work Incentives Benefit Specialist Association (WIBSA) is to support and promote high quality work incentives benefit counseling services for all people with disabilities through:

  • Promoting and upholding statewide standards

  • Encouraging training and professional development

  • Advocating for systems change at the state and federal levels

Each WIBSA member must successfully complete a peer review which evaluates their benefit reports and provides suggestions for improvement.  They must also attend continuing training throughout the year and abide by a code of conduct that WIBSA upholds.  These steps must be done yearly and help assure high qualify services for consumers and providers!

Why Choose a WIBSA Member for Benefits Counseling?

Find out more about the importance of Benefits Counseling and the WIBSA organization.

WIBSA Board Members will post articles that contain resources for you, a family member, or your consumer (DVR, IRIS, etc.).

Locate a WIBSA member in your area to discuss benefits counseling.  WIBS are organized by county or the service that they provide.  All members that are listed are in good standing with WIBSA as of the date listed on the directory.